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September 18, 2012

All Day

Jesse and I tried to finish what we could on the Main Tower and got shutdown due to booms needed and brackets.  Kurt showed up and we started to dress all the A-Towers starting from the East.  We did not dress all of the C-Tower due to questions for a scientist on what boom they would prefer for the upper pressure port.

These are the numbers we went off of on all A-Towers.

Lower TRH - 84cm to top of boom to edge of base plate.  

CSAT - 91.2cm top of boom to base plate but 92cm to top of boom to edge of base plate.

Upper TRH - 2.36cm to top of boom to edge of base plate.

We did all the East towers to the transect line, just West of the Main tower.  The Main Tower did NOT get dressed.  Questions for a scientist was needed.

Used the ATV today.  GREAT help.  Trailer did well and easy to get instruments that were stashed at Main Tower to the rest of the towers.  We have been locking the ATV w/ trailer to the Base Trailer at nights.  Key is in the base trailer by front door.