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October 2, 2012

I started to look more closely to the damage from the lightening strike at SCP on September 27, 2012.  This is what I found...

CSAT0855, KH201393, KH201389 are good.  The sonic did have a bad serializer.

CSAT0856, Licor1163, Licor1167, TRH037, TRH012, TRH013, TRH006, TRH003, TRH004 are all BAD.  With the four of the TRHs five had bad fan monitor boards.

DSMs stacks were both bad...but this is just looking at power card.  Can't do much without it.  MainLo had a blown stack, power panel and possibly a serial panel.  Viper and serial may be okay.  MainHi did have a blown Viper(Eth port and reg) and power panel (5V reg and lands), stack.  Serial panel was okay on MainHi.

More to come...