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Comment: Migrated to Confluence 4.0

Yesterday, Tim, Kurt, John, Chris finished stripping rim and removed the top 40'.  I was given the day off to explore a larger hole in the ground.

Today plan to split into 2 groups: 1 to finish dismantling rim and the other to strip near.

Sat. Evening update:

- 449 tower totally stripped

- Rim dismantled/pieces retrieved/ready for helo.  This makes us completely ready for helo ops (3 days before helo arrives)

- Near totally stripped, ready to be dismantled (also need to retrieve solar panels and rad stand).  Data taking stopped about 10:00AM.

- Base still has a wind sonic mounted (but not taking data since Thursday).

Sun. Afternoon update:

- Removed top guys/beacon/first tower section from near, before winds became intolerable

Mon. Afternoon update:

- Removed the rest (160') of near (despite "breezy" winds) with a 5-person crew.  Site now totally clear.

- (Towers still up at 449 and base.  Base still has its (disconnected) 2D sonic on the top.) 

Tues. Afternoon update:

- Helo ops complete.  Everything out of crater; fencing panels taken into crater; concrete block anchors and frames removed from rim (just using the rebar).

- ISS rental lidar loaded into NCAR (Tim's) trailer

- Utah lidar loaded into Utah trailer.  Utah/KIT equipment now packed and ready for their drive home tomorrow.

- Removed tower at base.

- Just have one tower section (deliberately) left at rim and the ISS 40' tower left to take down.