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This was a narrow and intense band of heavy snowfall that extended from northeast South Dakota through southern Minnesota (gave MSP 5"), and far southern Wisconsin. Maximum amounts were 10"+ in isolated regions of southeast MN. Temperatures remained near-freezing, which caused much of the precipitation that was forecast to fall as rain, fall as snow instead. This band was not as well forecast days in advance but I recall that there was evidence of banding at least 24 h out in the NMM and/or WRF ARW as well as in a couple of the larger scale models.  A window to get HRRR runs would be 06Z 22 March - 06Z 23 March.

WRF Domain

Initializations to run:

  • 20150322 00 UTC
  • 20150322 12 UTC?

Hourly output out to 48 hours

Data pull


  • GFS (0.25 degree) - pulled, on YS and RAMADDA
  • NAM (grid 218)
  • HRRR - only 2015032212 pulled, on RAMADDA


  • MRMS (gcorr, ptype, prate, reflec)
    • Gauge-corrected NATIVE: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NATIVE/mrms_gcorr
    • Precip type NATIVE: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NATIVE/mrms_ptype
    • Precip rate NATIVE: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NATIVE/mrms_prate
    • Comp reflectivity NATIVE: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NATIVE/mrms_compref


  • NCEP radar mosaic


  • NDAS prepbufr
    • NATIVE: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NATIVE/ndas
    • Processed: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NDAS_03h
      • Ran: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/scripts/ and to process native NDAS pb files (run pb2nc and rename appropriately)
  • RAP prepbufr
    • NATIVE: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NATIVE/rap_pb
    • Processed: Do we want to pre-process or run pb2nc in the script?


Put relevant data on mandan-> RAMADDA

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