There was finally a slight change in the weather today to colder and partly cloudy with breezy winds. The clouds mostly stayed over the mountains to the west. 

The morning data check showed that MW was off the network. At first I assumed it was the typical modem issue, but Nagios showed that it had been offline for 9 hours (since around midnight). A visit to the site revealed that the power had shut off and the batteries had drained over the last few days. We think it’s likely that the breaker has been tripped, however we could not find a tripped circuit in the exterior breaker box meaning that the breaker we need to access is probably in the garage. Liz coordinated with Dan to call a contact for the site, who revealed that the owner is aware of the issue and is in the process of getting it fixed. In the meantime we swapped batteries and will monitor their charge going forward. 

In troubleshooting the MW site, I also noticed that NCharts was not showing any data after Jan 31. I contacted Gary and he was able to fix the problem quickly, which was an error in the NCharts configuration for the project end date.   

In the afternoon I dropped Liz off at the airport, returning in time to help John with the afternoon sounding. Many thanks to Liz for all her help with ISFS, especially helping me get back up to speed with supporting an ISFS project. Thanks Liz!

The PI’s were discussing having an IOP tomorrow (Wednesday), but have now decided to consider an IOP starting on Thursday at noon.

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