Today we awoke to a dusting of snow that fell sometime after midnight last night. This morning was colder than the past few days with partly cloudy skies that slowly cleared throughout the day. The winds at the surface were from the north and quite cold, while the high temperature stayed below freezing.

The morning data check showed no issues, except that the battery at DC was getting low. We swapped out batteries at the site before noon, plugged the site into the AC power that had finally been restored, and took an additional Leica measurement. We then dropped off the T-bar to the soil corer at a local welding shop to get it fixed. It should be done by the end of the week or sooner.

John and I spent a bit of time working on the lidar, which has a moisture problem and software issue keeping it offline. We used the soil oven to bake another pack of desiccant and added it to the lidar, which will hopefully help with the moisture problem. 

There is an IOP scheduled for tomorrow beginning at noon. As of this evening there are no issues with the ISFS.

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