Today was another clear, calm, and mild day, with some high clouds moving in in the late afternoon and a bit more haze than yesterday. The daytime high ended up being in the low 40’s - the start of a forecast warming trend over the next week that should see high’s near 50. The snow continues to melt and some fields are nearly clear of snow.

We began the day at the ISS2 sounding trailer troubleshooting a power failure - the GFI tripped on the outlet. Afterwards we visited LC and CC to collect soil samples and measure the boom angles with the GPS. While at LC we visually inspected the sonic because of the intermittency of the wind measurements. I expected to see frost, as there was considerable frost at the ISS2 site, but there was none at LC. From what we could see, there were no obvious obstructions on the transducers, but we did not have a ladder. The sonic status LED inside the EC100 box was solid red, which is not surprising since the ldiag flag has been at 1 during the periods of missing data such as when we were at the site this morning. It’s pretty consistent at this point that ldaig=1 from shortly after sunset to shortly after sunrise. Perhaps a change of the sonic in in order?

A number of sites dropped off the network over the course of the day, but according to Nagios they have all recovered. It also appears that the 17m thermocouple at PRS broke this morning, so we will have to replace it before the next IOP. Otherwise everything is running smoothly. We still need to collect a 2nd round of soil samples at SP and PRS, which I will probably wait until Jacquie arrives to do, and I need GPS boom angles from MH and Leica measurements from PRS, both of which I may do tomorrow before Jacquie arrives.   

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