Another lovely day around Heber City, with clear skies, light haze, and calm winds. The warming trend continues, as the high reached into the low 40’s this afternoon. This pattern looks to continue all week, along with increasing haze.

We spent the day showing Jacquie around and introducing her to our daily routine, in particular collecting soil samples at SP and PRS (the last of round 2 of soils) and lowering the PRS tower to replace the thermocouple at 17m. We lowered the tower from about 1:25 - 2:25 pm and everything went off without a hitch. While there I took a couple photos of the trailer license plate holder showing that there is no license plate on the trailer. It's possible that it's somewhere less obvious, but none of us could find it. We also took a quick tour of some sites, visiting UP, PC, and SH. We ended the day with the afternoon sounding and a quick discussion with Steve about the sonic at LC. I am writing a separate blog post with a bit more detail about that issue.

Jacquie will be taking over the blog posts tomorrow, as I head back home. Thanks to her for taking up the torch and big thanks to John for his help over the last week.

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  1. Oh man, I hate finding out stuff like this.  I have confirmed from a photo I took in Dec that the plate was not there.  My photos in Oct were from the side, so the plate isn't visible.  I suppose cows could have rubbed it off in the month and a half before we fenced it in, in which case it <might> be on the ground somewhere.