Weather: Woke-up to a low stratus cloud deck that cleared by mid-morning followed a mix of of low and high level cirrus.  Calm winds until the second radiosonde launch where there were light surface winds from the south. Highs in the low 40’s. You can feel the moisture in the air that was absent since I arrived. 

A little more excitement today. 

Site LC

  • We replaced the EC100 ~ 1030AM but the sonic light was still blinking red here and there. So it looks like the EC100 didn't fix the intermittent bad data. 


  • Sadly, the soil corer was dented while taking a soil sample (See blog post). Steve advised to stop taking further soil samples. 


  • Checked the thermocouples for Sebastian at the supersites. DCSR showed t.17m was not working. At PRS, t.7m is out. 


  • Launched the 2 soundings
    • ~ 2p - 1st balloon had a leak
    • 415p - radiosonde blinked red so we had to restart the computer. This sonde was a coordinated launch with the tethered system. Sebastian and Alex were present for that.

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