Weather: Haze, broken cirrus clearing by the late afternoon. Calm to light winds. 

Today was a rather full day.

  • 10-11am we met with ~60 middle school students in front of ISS1 for a demonstration of all the instrumentation. 

  • The rest of the day was spent raising/lowering towers to replace thermocouples 17m@DCS and 7m@PRS, respectively. I learned about limit switches when the DCS tower failed to rise! We had a number of unexpected visitors come by PRS

This brought us to ~330 with plenty of time to launch the 415p radiosonde that went off without a hitch.

We ran into PI Eric Pardyjak who wants us to start populating the satellite sites with thermocouples. We picked up 3 boxes of functioning thermocouples and plan to spend tomorrow adding them to all the sites. Hopefully, we’ll get a bunch done by the start of IOP6 planned for noon Saturday - noon Sunday.

We ended the day on a high note with shakes at Dairy Keen.

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