Weather: Not much different than yesterday (see yesterday’s photos). Calm, sunny, quiescent. I’ve been monitoring the PurpleAir AQI over Heber that includes the two ISS sensors and the air has been clean overall, particularly yesterday. Probably the cleanest air I’ve breathed in a while!

The Quiescent IOP06 passed without a hitch. A quiet data day. The thermocouples are running. You can see (below) the jump in the time series where we changed each sensor yesterday.

Sebastian mentioned that the priority is keeping the thermocouples on two supersites functioning. If they break at the satellite sites, we are to ignore them.

NOTE: Today, he took down all the ground-level thermocouples at the DCS and PRS Rohn towers in anticipation of the prefrontal winds that are forecast to start tomorrow. Snow is expected Monday-Wednesday. 

For tear down there are 3 empty boxes in the trailer currently near the microwave: