Weather: Mostly cloudy and overcast. Definitely a chillier and moist day. Light winds mostly from the north. High's in the upper 30's.

A quiet data day for both ISFS and ISS. 

While launching the 415p radiosonde Sebastian came by to ask about the remaining radiosonde/helium inventory (see John’s ISS blog post for details).  

Sebastian mentioned he has had to re-level the radiometers mounted on the dark horse which have started drooping. This must be a recent event because while John and I last visited those sites we didn’t notice any sagging. Today he re-leveled the one at DCS ~350-410p. He also cleaned the radiometers with methanol and kimwipes at 0.5m and 2m at DCS and made plans to do the same at PRS by the end of today. 

We discussed the thermocouples at the supersites and I noted that a few of the thermocouples were broken at the DCS and PRS sites since this morning:

  • t.7m@DCS 
  • t.3m (rohn), t.32m (tt) @PRS

Plan for tomorrow

There is a tentative IOP7 planned for noon tomorrow (Thursday) to noon Friday. So we plan to lower/raise towers at the DCS and PRS sites in the AM to replace the broken thermocouples. We're bringing the ladder with us to replace the t.3m on the rohn at PRS. In addition, Sebastian suggested that we clean the radiometers at both towers - he has left us with kimwipes and a bottle of methanol. We will aim to do that as well. 

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