Weather: Mostly sunny. Calm to breezy winds from the South. Highs in the upper 30’s. 

IOP07 was called today from noon Thursday - noon Friday

We first did our typical morning data check walk-through at ISS1 and the base trailer. Then off to the supersites to replace thermocouples and clean radiation sensors. 


Replaced the thermocouple at t.7m. The towers were down from 1000 - 1111. John was the tallest and cleaned all the towers radiometers with the aid of a ladder, plus the ground-level one’s to take advantage of having the methanol/kimwipes on hand. 

Note that the generator fuel is down to a 1/4 of a tank:


Replaced the thermocouples at t.3m and t.32m and cleaned all the radiation sensors. Towers were down 1130 - 1235. We had a large impromptu gathering of curious cows in the meantime. Initiating the car alarm worked wonders clearing the audience.

Note the generator fuel is half full. 

Sebastian mentioned he visited PRS soon after us to install the ground-level thermocouples and had to re-leveled the radiometer again.  It keeps drooping.

We launched the radiosondes at 210p and 415p (see John’s ISS blog for details).

Finally, Sebastian found a license missing from the front of the Silverado truck. The cows probably knocked it off. I knew they were up to no good! It's now with the truck.

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