Weather:  Mostly sunny and calm. Highs in the mid 40's. 

IRGA at the supersites - Noticed this morning that there was a long period of bad IRGA data at the super sites at certain heights. Up to 12 hours of bad data at some heights - longer than I’ve seen in the time series. In particular, heights

  • irga.1m.prs
  • irga.3m.prs
  • irga.2m.dcs
  • irga.7m.dcs

Zoom in on the past day

Past week

QC table screenshot 


  • Steve double checked that the heaters were set properly.
  • We visited the DCS site to check the sonic/irga at 2m but there was nothing unusual to note.
  • Steve noted that odd HRXL data may be due to interference in the field-of-view with the boom that holds the sonic/irga. I noted that in the DM tracker. We should do a closer examination of these time series during post-project data QC.

  • While at DCS we met up with Eric and Sebastian is it looks like they successfully captured early morning fog during IOP8. They had just finished operating the tethered sonde. John and Steve helped secure the balloon


  • Steve visited the LC site to swap the bad sonic with Sebastian's (See Steve's Blog post).  I made a note in the DM tracker. 


Mid-afternoon we did a second check of the data and sensors at ISS1 then drove to the radiosonde site to launch the 415p radiosonde. We had a pleasant surprise when the PI Zhaoxia Pu from U of Utah stopped by. She assisted filling the balloon and launching the afternoon radiosonde - see John's ISS blog post.  

Today is the last day John and I are supporting CFACT operations in the field. Sunday, Steve and Bill take over (Bill arrives tonight). It has been eventful! 

Signing off. Time for supper!

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  1. Also popped by CC to check out conditions.  About 6" of crusty snow, with some grass poking through.  Gate is openable.