Last (full) day of ops!  IOP9 will officially end at 0800 tomorrow.  Clayton is now here (and Liz, Lou, and today Matt for ISS).

Snow off and on all day, another few inches of accumulation.  Stopped at 1630, but now (2030) flurries again.

Spent day orienting Clayton and tear-down prep.  Picked up Penske and started filling with spare stuff going to Boulder and empty boxes for tearing down satellite sites tomorrow.  Grabbed a few more tools for the pickup.  Reserved an all-terrain forklift for Monday to pull out CC.

At the end of the day, reinstalled a bunch of thermocouples at DCS.  Lowered the tower to replace its thermocouples, but attempts to tilt blew the breaker on the generator.  We presume that the hydraulic pump is just too cold.  We raised the tower again, with no change to the instruments (of course).  Tower down from about 1720-1820.  I hope the thermocouples last!

BTW, noticed that the weather service radar (based on the one at SLC) is poor at detecting light snow.  The radar image showed that snow had passed Heber City by 2:30 today, when it was clearly snowing out my window at the Best Western.

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