Last IOP went until 8AM.  They got a good fog case and were very happy.

Removed SH

  • broke the foil from the second "extra" TP01 – it just snapped off in the cold
  • nicked the cable of the Qsoil, which will need to be repaired
  • damaged 3? of the power cables while extracting them from the ice

Removed PC

  • also broke the foil on the TP01, even though I had mostly freed it.  Grrrr.
  • also nicked one power cable.  Cut the other 2 power cables where Dan had buried them under snowmobile tracks
  • Tsoil appeared to be deeper – the top about 1.5cm below the soil, though it is hard to distinguish dirt and frozen biomass
  • Gaoil came out tilted by about 30 degrees off vertical.  Might have been in the extraction, or might have been as the soil thawed/refroze during the project.

A long day just doing this, but progress....