Fog this morning, but the program is over....  Truck thermometer said -1F when we drove out.

Started the day removing the TT trailer from PRS, along with remaining sensors.  A bit of an effort:

  • T post and ground rod required the Hi-Lift.  We rigged up ways to attach to them.
  • Even after cranking the outrigger legs up, there was still a lot of tension on one.  Used the Hi-Lift again to remove the foot from this outrigger
  • Pushing the outriggers in, only one went all the way.  The other 3 got stuck with about a foot remaining and wouldn't extend back out either.  We suspect something is frozen in there.  During the drive out on washboard, one of the 3 became loose and was able to be reseated.  We'll try to reseat the others once the weather warms.

Next removed all of SP.  Not TOO bad, though a stake and ground rod required the Hi-Lift again.  Recovered all 3 power cables and all 4 soil sensors.

Spent a bit more time at the base and Penske organizing.

Finally, at CC, dug out all of the cables, tops of T stakes, and removed snow cover from the soil plot, with some help from Liz, Matt, and Dexter.  A lot of ice in spots – especially by the job boxes – and none of the 8(?) T stakes that I tried budged.  My intent was to prepare the site to have a quick removal with the forklift on Monday.  Now, I'm not so sure.  Oh, and we couldn't get the gate lock to open with the combo I had photographed on the marker board.  I need to see if I can find the original email from the manager.

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  1. Steve Oncley AUTHOR

    modified plan:

    Sun 2/27: Clayton & Steve & Sebastian: DCS removal

    • prep with 6xCSAT; 6xEC150; 1xOtt; 2xPSP boxes

    Mon 2/28: DCS and CC ice melt, then MW and MH, then DCS TT removal

    Tue 3/1: Chris & Tony arrive, also have Dexter: Forklift rental for CC and DCS & PRS fencing

    Wed 3/2: Spool up power at PRS and DCS

    3/4: Thu: 4x satellite; base and TTs leave?

    3/5: Fri: Chris, Tony, and Dexter ,Clayton & Steve leave