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We need to put together an evaluation system for this project.  Ultimately it will be required to evaluate most of the fields in the grib2 file provided by GSD.  The file is routinely evolving so expect fields to be added over the next year. 

Forecast file location: dakota:/d3/projects/USWRP_ENSHAZ/PHPT  (Probability Hazard Product Tool)

Grib2 Table for these files (as of 12/13)

NOTES: Files are gzipped to save space.  It might be nice if the script could call gunzip before processing and then gzip after... Thoughts?

Obs file locations:

Stage IV: /d3/projects/USWRP_ENSHAZ/StageIV

Grib records in the the *.01h file: 1:0:d=16093011:APCP:kpds5=61:kpds6=1:kpds7=0:TR=4:P1=0:P2=1:TimeU=1:sfc:0-1hr acc:NAve=0

WPC Snowfall Analysis: /d3/projects/USWRP_ENSHAZ/WPC_Snowfall_Analysis/grids/netcdf

Ncdump of the variable we would like to use:

        float S01I_NONE(time, y, x) ;

                S01I_NONE:units = "" ;

                S01I_NONE:long_name = "S01I @ NONE" ;

                S01I_NONE:missing_value = -9999.f ;

                S01I_NONE:grid_mapping = "LCC" ;

                S01I_NONE:VectorComponentFlag = "gridRelative" ;

                S01I_NONE:coordinates = "time y x " ;

NOTE: WPC data needs to be converted from GEMPAK to netcdf.  John has found a utility to do this.  It would be good to get it documented here.

FVARDescTypeAcc/LvlProbThreshOVAROBTypeTypeAcc/LvlThreshGridded or PointPCP_Combine
APCPAccum Precip1hr accA01>12.7APCPStageIV1hr accA01>12.7Griddedno
APCPAccum Precip1hr accA01>25.4APCPStageIV1hr accA01>25.4Griddedno
APCPAccum Precip1hr accA01>50.8APCPStageIV1hr accA01>50.8Griddedno
APCPAccum Precip3hr accA03>12.7APCPStageIV3hr accA03>12.7Griddedyes from A01
APCPAccum Precip3hr accA03>25.4APCPStageIV3hr accA03>25.4Griddedyes from A01
APCPAccum Precip3hr accA03>50.8APCPStageIV3hr accA03>50.8Griddedyes from A01
APCPAccum Precip3hr accA03>76.2APCPStageIV3hr accA03>76.2Griddedyes from A01
APCPAccum Precip6hr accA06>12.7APCPStageIV6hr accA06>12.7Griddedyes from A01
APCPAccum Precip6hr accA06>25.4APCPStageIV6hr accA06>25.4Griddedyes from A01
APCPAccum Precip6hr accA06>50.8APCPStageIV6hr accA06>50.8Griddedyes from A01
APCPAccum Precip6hr accA06>76.2APCPStageIV6hr accA06>76.2Griddedyes from A01
APCPAccum Precip6hr accA06>152.4APCPStageIV6hr accA06>152.4Griddedyes from A01
ASNOWAccum Snow1hr accA01>0.0127ASNOWStageIV1hr accA01>1.27Griddedno
ASNOWAccum Snow1hr accA01>0.0254ASNOWStageIV1hr accA01>2.54Griddedno
ASNOWAccum Snow1hr accA01>0.0508ASNOWStageIV1hr accA01>5.08Griddedno
ASNOWAccum Snow6hr accA06>0.0127ASNOWStageIV6hr accA06>1.27Griddedyes from A01
ASNOWAccum Snow6hr accA06>0.0254ASNOWStageIV6hr accA06>2.54Griddedyes from A01
ASNOWAccum Snow6hr accA06>0.0508ASNOWStageIV6hr accA06>5.08Griddedyes from A01
ASNOWAccum Snow6hr accA06>0.0762ASNOWStageIV6hr accA06>7.62Griddedyes from A01
ASNOWAccum Snow6hr accA06>0.1016ASNOWStageIV6hr accA06>10.16Griddedyes from A01
ASNOWAccum Snow6hr accA06>0.1524ASNOWStageIV6hr accA06>15.24Griddedyes from A01
ASNOWAccum Snow1hr accA01>0.0127W03I_NONEWPC1hr accA01>0.5Griddedno
ASNOWAccum Snow1hr accA01>0.0254W03I_NONEWPC1hr accA01>1.0Griddedno
ASNOWAccum Snow1hr accA01>0.0508W03I_NONEWPC1hr accA01>2.0Griddedno
ASNOWAccum Snow6hr accA06NAASNOWWPC6hr accA06>0.5Griddedno - NOT AVAILABLE IN HRRRTLE grid
ASNOWAccum Snow6hr accA06>0.0254W06I_NONEWPC6hr accA06>1.0Griddedyes from A01
ASNOWAccum Snow6hr accA06>0.0508W06I_NONEWPC6hr accA06>2.0Griddedyes from A01
ASNOWAccum Snow6hr accA06>0.0762W06I_NONEWPC6hr accA06>3.0Griddedyes from A01
ASNOWAccum Snow6hr accA06>0.1016W06I_NONEWPC6hr accA06>4.0Griddedyes from A01
ASNOWAccum Snow6hr accA06>0.1524W06I_NONEWPC6hr accA06>6.0Griddedyes from A01


Initial evaluation will include:



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