Weather: Same as yesterday. Haze, sunny, calm winds. High in the low 40’s. NWS shows a large blocking high pressure system centered over the eastern pacific, just west of Washington which is affecting the entire Western US. Looks like we’ll be under this system for the rest of the week.

Drove Matt to the airport while John attended a telecon this morning. I moderated Holger’s EOL seminar in the afternoon while John launched the 415p radiosonde. Thanks John! 

  • Nothing disruptive to report in the network connections - Nagios has been green all day for all ISFS sites. No spikes to filter, nothing odd in the data itself to report.
  • Steve asked us to find SHT sensors in the base trailer. We *think* found 13 of them in a pink ziploc (please confirm):

  • LC - still intermittent sonic data concurrent with the IRGA starting ~ Jan 28 (See Matt's blog post). We plan to replace the EC100 tomorrow and also take soil sample #3 while there. Apparently, there is a 30% chance of this working. 
    • If there is a sequence of procedures to follow to replace the EC100, please let us know. Otherwise, John's recollection is it's a plug and play. 
  • Speaking of soil samples, I found that the door to the oven that dries the samples opened mysteriously overnight. Since we’re simply drying out the samples, this incident shouldn’t affect the measurements. However, I got paranoid and when I checked it 10 minutes later it was open again! I placed a barrier to keep the door shut. I’ll be doing this from now on.

IOP 5 is planned for tomorrow, noon Wednesday to noon Thursday. Classified as "Moisture surge".

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  1. Thank you Jacquie!

    Yes, an EC100 swap is straightforward, albeit with a bunch of cables (and the nanobarometer's pressure tubing) to deal with.  Just to be safe, I would disconnect the green cables to the DSM first and reconnect last, since these supply power.  Keep track of which green cable connects to the nanobarometer (on the left) and to the EC100 itself (on the right).  You may also find it expedient to attach the new EC100 to a mounting plate while you are in the base (there should be lots of extras in the base trailer, perhaps on the shelves) to avoid dealing with bolts in the field.  You will need a few cable ties to secure the plate back onto the mast.

  2. We did the replacement (Isabel texted good tips before we headed out).  Looks like data are coming in, but the intermittently so nothing has changed. Seems like the sonic itself is finicky.