The entire turbulence tower was down from May 31 until June 8.  During this time, we were able to ping the datalogger but unable to log in.  Richard Oakes from the USFS cycled the power on the datalogger at about 2pm on June 8, which restored access to the system.

All sensors came happily back to life, with the exception of the 2m LiCor that Gordon was able to resuscitate via sending ASCII commands to the sensor.

Comments added by Gordon:

From a phone conversation with Richard Oakes: He recalled a hail and lightning storm in the vicinity of the MFO during the afternoon and early evening of May 31, and that his wife noticed a lightning strike that she thought was in the vicinity of the turbulence tower that afternoon. His record indicates just 0.01 inch of precip on May 31.

To bring back the 2m licor, I used the commands shown in

minicom ttyS2
ctrl-a w  (enable line wrap)
ctrl-a e  (enable local echo)
ctrl-a f  (send BREAK)
(Outputs (BW 10) (Delay 0) (RS232 (Freq 10.0)))
ctrl-a q