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10:16am MST, 7 Jan 2011

Wslope site used for balloon launch observing upslope flow and sidewall radiation processes.

Site inspected as part of this. Riming observed on tower, and  radiometers.

Solar panels were clear and mostly dry.Rain gauge found to have slushy blocks in, but was mostly fluid. Images are available if necessary.

at 10:27am MST radiometers were cleaned with snow by Sebnastian Hoch. Sonic riming was knocked off by tapping the sonic boom. Krypton appeared ok, and data has been coming in for some time, so the krypton was not cleaned.

Rime ice still present on sonic socks, but transducers appear clear. Steve and Ling in the trailer can coinfirm this.

Day appears sunny, so remaining rime ice may melt during the day.