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Sunday 16Jan11 09:08-09:38 local; Militzer&Oncley

Purpose: Clean Kh2o, Check dessiccant, grease trh

0909: KH2O Cleaned.  Now reading 1.6V

0910: TRH out 24: It was working OK, however,...

0912: TRH in 27: We checked the DIN connector which was ok, but we cleaned it with ContactRenu anyway.   Sensor 24 now has nail polish on transducer pins and we greased the probe pins to hopefully avoid problems here as have been seen at other locations due to moisture and corrosion.

0913-0933: RAD: cleaned all.,Rsw.out,Rlw.out had bad dessiccant, swapped; releveled (thought might have been okay)

Conditions: overcast, above freezing with snow cover melting.  Rain expected later today and tomorrow so expect kryptons to 'go away' at some point again.  Again

NESW Photos Taken