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24Jan2011 18:00 - 18:10 local Militzer/Horst

Conditions: beginning to cloud up, after sunset

Purpose: Reset Rad Mote ID from 11 to 9

Reprogrammed Rad mote using default id=9.   Was unable to get a reliable command interaction with the motes (10,11,21) at this station.   The base mote was at power level 0 instead of 4.   Gordon reset this from Boulder using the '+++', 'atpl4', 'atwr' sequence, but we were still unable to get a good mote '#11id=9' command through to it, necessitating this change.   I had set the default id incorrectly earlier today when updating the software.

NOTE because the radiation mote id was different than expected in the xml, there will be a data gap in cockpit/web-plots.. but that can be later merged in during post processing.

NOTE: need to checkout the comms at this site a bit more thoroughly because there may be some non-optimal settings in the xbee configurations.