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Current versions: CESM2.1 & CESM2.2 (with MUSICA-V0)

Welcome to the CAM-chem Wiki

The Community Atmosphere Model with Chemistry (CAM-chem) is a component of the NCAR Community Earth System Model (CESM) and is used for simulations of global tropospheric and stratospheric atmospheric composition. Chemistry in CAM-chem is based on the MOZART family of chemical mechanisms, with various choices of complexity for tropospheric and stratospheric chemistry. The first version of CAM-chem is described in Lamarque et al. (2012). An overview of CESM2, which is based on CAM6, is provided by Danabasoglu et al. (2020), with details of the chemistry described in Emmons et al. (2020) and the secondary organic aerosols in Tilmes et al. (2019). CAM6-chem uses the MAM4 modal aerosol model (Liu et al., 2016).

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