Today was almost a repeat of yesterday’s weather, with clear skies and highs in the upper 30’s. The afternoon saw a moderate northerly wind develop, as well as some light haze. There were no issues with ISFS sensors today, so John and I took a nice hike up Memorial Hill to measure the CSAT boom angle and enjoy the views.

In the afternoon, I paid a visit to the PRS to take a full set of Leica measurements. The wind picked up to 5-8m/s by the time I arrived, making it difficult to get accurate measurements of the higher booms (not to mention rather cold standing in the field after a couple of hours). I will have to see how the measurements look, but I’m not confident given the amount of sway in the boom at 32m. I attempted to take 2-3 measurements of each point on the 32m and 17m levels, but found the target had occasionally drifted out of the field of view in the few seconds between scans. The rest of the measurements went okay, although I had to set up in an area between some fencing to keep the cows from getting too interested in the Leica. Between this and the general difficulty in getting a perfectly clear view of all necessary sensors, this site proved challenging. I spent about 2.5 hours taking the ~56 individual measurements. 

I ended the day helping John with the afternoon sounding. Jacquie arrived this afternoon, so tomorrow we will spend the day showing her around.

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